UriVArx® is great for the bladder as it supports its proper function.


The results from a recent study found a:

  1. Reduction of ~56% in Urge Incontinence
  2. Reduction of ~66% in Stress Incontinence
  3. Reduction of ~61% in Urinary Urgency
  4. Reduction of ~33% in Urinary Frequency
    meaning the total average urinary frequency
    was in the normal/ideal range after two
    months of use
  5. Reduction of ~46% in Nocturia

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Bladder Function and Conditions

UriVArx® is a product designed to relieve urinary urgency, reduce anxiety, and help you regain control of your bladder.

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All-Natural Ingredients

UriVArx® contains a proprietary blend of patented extracts proven to provide a variety of benefits which support bladder function, control, and reduce frequent urination.

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The Relationship Between Urinary Tract Infections and Bladder Incontinence

Learn about UriVArx® UTI strips here.

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Reduce Your Urge to Urinate & Control Embarassing Leaks