Overactive bladder is not a disease, it is a disorder associated with a feeling of urgency and frequency and can lead to urge incontinence if a patient has associated urinary leakage. All patients with urge incontinence will have OAB, but not all patients with OAB will have urge incontinence. Almost 15 million Americans are living with OAB. It is a problem with bladder-storage function where the bladder Contracts uncontrollably, and there is an urgent need to "go right now” or very often.

Among the symptoms of OAB, frequency is defined as eight or more visits to the toilet per 24-hour period, two or more of which may be during the night.

Overactive bladder is a condition in which the bladder muscle cannot be controlled, so it contracts at inappropriate times. Symptoms of overactive bladder include:

overactive  bladder
  • the need to urinate too often (urinary frequency)
  • inability to postpone urination (urinary urgency)
  • involuntary urine leakage (urge incontinence)

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