UriVArx® Dietary Supplement for Bladder Control and Function (60 Capsules)

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UriVArx® is a proprietary blend of the three botanical ingredients:

  • Lindera (Lindera aggregata) extract
  • Horsetail (Equistum arvense) extract (aerial parts)

  • Crateva Three-leaf caper (Crateva nurvala) extract (bark)

Clinically proven, UriVarx® targets the bladder and surrounding tissues to promote normal urination and strong bladder tone.

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Product Reviews

85 Reviews

Ricky Smith May 18th 2019

First Time

A friend of mines recommended this product for me.

Khaty j. Apr 3rd 2018

Give it a try. It really works

It really does work.(I am female over 40) I am now able to sleep at night without interruption I can go on outings and not have to worry about where the restrooms are. All this within the first week of using this product I will continue to purchase URIVARX!!

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