The powerful ingredients in UriVArx® target the bladder and its surrounding tissues to promote strong bladder tone and normal urination. UriVArx® has been clinically shown to promote and support healthy bladder function, reduce frequency, and help maintain control of bladder functions.

UriVArx® is a proprietary blend of the following safe and natural ingredients:

Lindera extract


Horsetail (aerial parts) extract


Cratevox™ Three-leaf caper (bark) extract


Linder extract (Lindera aggregate) is a root that has been used to support healthy urinary and kidney function.

In limited uncontrolled studies, horsetail (equisetum arvense) has indicated it may support a decrease in urinary frequency.

Cratevox™ three-leaf caper extract (Crataeva nurvala) bark demonstrated in pre-clinical studies to enhance tone of the bladder wall. Crataeva nurvala bark has shown to support healthy urinary function and bladder tone after just 3 months of use.*

Additional ingredients include vegetable capsule (HPMC, water), rice flour, and silica.

When combined, these natural ingredients provide collagen and connective tissue support and optimize normal bladder activity.

After an 8-week clinical study, participants reported significant improvements to quality of life, and 84% of participants believed to have benefited from the supplement.

No serious side effects were reported.