UriVArx® has been clinically shown to support healthy bladder function, enhance bladder control and maintain decreased urinary frequency.

Unlike most dietary supplements, UriVArx® has proven results from rigorous clinical trials to support the safety and use of UriVArx® in men and women. UriVArx® supported the maintenance of urinary frequency and improved the participants reported quality of life.

The results from a recent study found a:

  1. Reduction of ~56% in Urge Incontinence
  2. Reduction of ~66% in Stress Incontinence
  3. Reduction of ~61% in Urinary Urgency
  4. Reduction of ~33% in Urinary Frequency meaning the total average urinary frequency was in the normal/ideal range after two months of use
  5. Reduction of ~46% in Nocturia